Engineered Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

Category: Waterproof Wood



Available in 14 colors

Installation: All Grades
Plank Width: 5" Hickory;

6.5" Oak and Acacia
Total Thickness: 5.3 mm Hickory

6.3 mm Oak and Acacia
Length: Random Length
Finish: Aluminum Oxide
Core: Limestone Q-Core

Underlayment: Attached, foam-urethane (53 iic sound rating) 
Bevel: Micro-Bevel
Profile: Click/Floating
Square Feet per Carton: 26.47 Oak

32.32 Oak and Acacia
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Radiant Approved: Yes

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Golden Gate Hickory.jpg

Golden Gate - Hickory

Brooklyn Hickory Thumb.jpg

Brooklyn - Hickory

Seven Mile Hickory.jpg

Seven Mile - Hickory

Chesapeake Bay Acacia Thumb.jpg

Chesapeake Bay - Acacia

Benson acacia thumb.jpg

Benson - Acacia

Queesnboro Acacia Thumb.jpg

Queensboro - Acacia

Mackinac Oak Thumb.jpg

Mackinac - Oak

London Oak Thumb.jpg

London - Oak

New River Gorge Oak.jpg

New River Gorge - Oak

Sunshine Skyway Oak.jpg

Sunshine Skyway - Oak

Arrigoni Oak Thumb.jpg

Arrigoni - Oak

Ambassador Oak Thumb.jpg

Ambassador - Oak

Claiborne Pell Oak Thumb.jpg
Big Four Oak.jpg

Claiborne Pell - Oak

Big Four - Oak