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Craftsmanship. Exemplified.

From the shores of the Carolinas to the quaint towns of New England - Hampstead Home Flooring embodies the grace and style to suit the finest homes while making your decorative dreams affordable. Each product is scraped and stained by the very best craftsmen to produce rich and beautiful visuals.


Our vision blends our respect for natural resources with the latest, most innovative technology. We believe our products will make your new flooring the centerpiece of your home.


From the forests where our trees are grown to the factories where our floors are produced, we are committed to the highest standard of ethical and sustainable practices. 


Every process and every material is designed to make a difference.  

Our Goals

In respecting our planet, Delighting our Customers, we will ~

  • Build on our experience and strength to become a leading integrated forest resources and wood products company in the world

  • Develop a world competitive forest resource, responsibly managed and meeting or exceeding regulatory standards

  • Partner with forest groups and agencies in raising industry standards

We are committed to producing safe, environmentally friendly products in a way that protects the earth and all the living things that share it.  To that end we own and maintain a 4,000,000 hectare timber reserve.  We harvest our own hardwood in compliance with all local and international standards for sustainable forestry management.  In addition, we have earned the right to use the FSC Mixes Sources Label.

Cheyenne Acacia - Bungalow

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